Traditional home automation systems require considerable investments of time, labour and materials. Special low voltage wiring must be run, accompanied by an expensive central computer, all tied into the homes electrical system. This adds extra costs and restricts the home owner to one specific, proprietary system. For these reasons, home automation has been confined to specialty applications and projects for years.

Our Insteon system can be installed in a matter of days, with no extra wiring above a standard electrical system. Replacement is easy: you need only remove a faceplate or fixture and swap out the part. So you aren't tied down to old technology if something better comes along. And the electrical system can easily revert back to standard plugs and switches; if you want to alter the Insteon system or move it to a new site.

Wiring up an entire house isnít always the best choice. Installation can be localized in part of the house, or a full system built in stages. In fact, we recommend to many of our clients that they install a small system first. This allows them to become familiar with its capabilities, and to make an educated decision about the design and implementation of a larger system.

For more information or to see a demonstration of an Insteon system, please give us a call.
- Control HVAC, appliances (water heater, A/C unit, etc.) and lighting in all or selected parts of your home.

- Save on energy consumption with optimum control of electrical appliances, lighting and heating/cooling.

- Monitor & control remote locations; perfect for cottages and rental properties, or while youíre away from home.

- One switch can operate any combination of lights and strategically placed keypads offer added convenience.

- Installing new switches and creating three ways no longer requires doing extensive damage to walls and ceilings to run new wiring. Power can be pulled from almost any electrical box and used to install a new switch.
8 Button Keypad
6 Button Keypad
Custom Etched Keys
Bedside/Tabletop Remote
Logitech Universal Remote
IR Link
Low Voltage Controller
Appliance Disconnect
Network Bridge

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